Our Report

Our proxy farmers, partners, farmers and government have this to say about us

Olumide Lawson

(Advisor, Lagos)

The proxy farming experience was an excellent one for me. For a business executive, like myself, the experience provided me with the exposure I desired in the agriculture sector. I was happy to receive the periodic update reports and video, which made me feel very close to the progress of the farm. I am very happy with the ”proxy farming” opportunity and I look forward to more leasing opportunities from Heart and Capital Nigeria Limited.

Fatimah Zahra

(Civil Servant, Abuja)

I was in search of an agriculture leasing  plan that was both profitable and Halal Heart and Capital provided me with the most suitable plan. From initiation right down to completion of the farming season, H & C was consistent in communicating and keeping me abreast of developments. The only regret I have is not leasing even more in Heart and Capital proxy farming platform but I’m happy Eterno is presenting me with another opportunity to do that. It will always be a pleasure to lease in your trustworthy organization.

Hafiz Laaro

(Banker, Kwara State)

My Farm leasing with Heart and Capital Nig Ltd was my first leasing in agric business and it was a wonderful experience. The feedback from the company was as investors delight. At every stage of the farming season, proxy farmers were updated and also at the point of harvesting I was briefed of the market situation and of the going rate. I am highly impressed with the company’s constant feedback to proxy farmers  and this goes to show that we have professionals running the show. I will definitely recommend Heart and Capital Nigeria Limited to willing proxy farmers in agribusiness.

Fatimah Toyin

(Business Woman, Abuja)

Being a proxy farmer was a great experience for me, in fact I wish I had leased more. Best part for me was the regular progress report that explained and showed what was going on in the farm. I didn’t have anything to worry about. I look forward to more leasing opportunities with Heart and Capital Nigeria Limited.