Poultry are domesticated birds kept by humans for their meats, eggs, waste products and feathers. Chicken is the most consumed type of poultry and the most popular white meat around the world. It is popular because of its taste and the many health benefits it has cannot be over emphasized.

Did i just hear you say really? Oh yes! It is highly nutritious and here are some few benefits of eating chicken;

  1. It is rich in protein: it is a great source of lean, low fat protein which contributes to muscle growth and development. The protein helps support healthy body weight and aids weight loss. It also plays important role in sustaining our muscles hence, eating chicken is a must for those that want to build it.
  2. Very easy to digest: it does not contain as many purines as other meats therefore it is recommended for people with gastric conditions and babies.
  3. It is a stress reliever: chicken meat has good dose of tryptophane and vitamins B5 (both are good ingredients that help reduce stress). Chicken is also full of magnesium which relieves PMS.
  4. Help boost testosterone level: Men should consume foods rich in zinc as it helps regulate testosterone levels as well as boost sperm production.

The Poultry industry is one of the largest and fastest growing agro-based industries in the world because of the increasing demand for poultry meat and egg products. The demand for poultry products especially chicken is very high in Nigeria, this has led to the spike in the importation of these products because Nigeria only produce 30% of the total chicken consume every year and about 1.5 million tons of chicken are being consumed every year.

However, the major problem the poultry industries were facing was the accumulation of wastes including manure and litters in large quantity which do pose disposal and pollution problems. Things have evolved lately and large amount of those wastes are now being applied on agricultural land as source of nutrients, soil amendment, animal feed and fuel source.

Poultry litters provide a major source of phosphorus, nitrogen and trace elements for crop production and it is also effective in improving physical and biological fertility. Their feathers insulate birds from cold temperature and water. Farm investmentIt is also used for a number of decorative products like earrings, flowers, boas, feather fans, costume accessories and many more.

Eggs are a good source of inexpensive quality protein; it is also a good source of selenium, minerals and vitamins hence, it helps bring out the nutritional value of other foods. Also, it can be used as raising agent, thickening agent, emulsifying agent, glazing and sealing, coating and lots more when baking. The egg shell has wide range of benefits; it can be used as chicken feeds, as pot scrubber, to stop tooth ache, as knife sharpener, to whiten whites, treat skin irritation, you can bake in them, amongst others.

Haven said these; several incentives and initiatives should be adopted by the government and private players to ensure its sustainability. We as an agribusiness also company saw that the margin between the demand and supply is a wide one so we went back to our drawing board to work on how we can contribute our own quota to the poultry sector in other to balance the margin and get you involved at the same time.

After long thoughts and consideration, we came up with a novel product called EternoMix (our popular Eterno project with a mix of poultry).  No changes was made to the Eterno project. For the poultry part, we will lease out poultry pen to you and manage the poultry on your behalf from start to finish, this automatically makes you a farmer only that you are doing the farming by proxy. Profit sharing will be done at the end of the cycle and together we create sustainable change and wealth.