The importance of Agricultural industry cannot be over emphasized because of the negative effect it will have on humanity if it doesn’t thrive. Despite the fact that we depend on it for survival, the industry is not getting the attention it deserves especially in Nigeria. Nonetheless, farmers never stopped getting things done. In 2019, Nigeria spent about N22.7 trillion on food according to the data from National Bureau of statistics, which means the average Nigerian spends about 56.5% of their income on food in a year. In 2020, many farmers (peasant and commercial farmers) were already looking forward to another planting season before the COVID19 outbreak hit hard.


It didn’t take too long for the outbreak of the novel virus (Covid19) to find a way to crawl round the world. This has changed the way of the world since it was discovered. It have claimed many lives worldwide and to stop the spread, many nations took drastic measures of shutting down all channels it could be transmitted. The safest place to be at this period is to #StayAtHome. The global economic impact has been huge because while some part of the workforce are working from home, other parts of the workforce like the aviation, tourism and hospitality industry has been one of the most impacted. Most countries had to shut down their airspaces.


One unique thing all of us must do irrespective of the country or race we belong to is that we have to eat. This brings us to the relevance of Agriculture worldwide. Essential workers like the health workers, some press men/women and security officers were given exception to go to work because of obvious reasons. The food market is also opened because despite the lockdown we all have to eat. No food items is superior to the other at this time, it all depends on consumer’s preference.


In Nigeria to be precise the agricultural sector is one of the sectors that get little or no attention since the crude oil was discovered. Prior to the discovery and exploration of crude oil, Nigeria was one of the countries in Africa that get substantial revenue from exporting agric commodities such as: Cocoa, cotton, groundnut, etc. but now the reverse is the caseas we import almost everything because of the low emphasis that has been placed on the agriculture sector.


It is no longer news that there will be global recession post pandemic according to experts’ prediction and many nations have started taking drastic action to look out for its people by placing ban on exports of food produce. The price of Crude Oil Nigeria depended on has dropped, other aspect of the economy that bring revenue like the hospitality is not functioning which bring us all to one thing; AGRICULTURE. According to the CBN governor, imports of rice, fish, wheat and sugar alone consumed about N1.3 trillion worth of foreign exchange from the bank as at 2014. What the world will look like after this pandemic is unknown to anyone hence, Nigeria as a country need to start looking inward for solutions because we cannot afford to continue relying on the world for food.


In the agricultural sectors, the industries that need focus are local food production, local distribution, immediate access to locally produced food and excess capacity of export. This will in turn help reduce the rate of unemployment because more jobs will be available for those into farming, supply chain management, project management, people management and trade marketing.


Lately, focus has gradually being shifted to the sector, an indication is the approval of fresh $1.2bn loan for agricultural mechanisation at the FEC virtual meeting held in May, 2020 by President Buhari which is meant to cover about 632 local governments plus 140 processing plants. The projection was that this will be a major revolution in the agriculture sector that we have not seen before. This means a lot of people will be venturing into Agriculture and it is pertinent we remind you of the many years of experience we have in Farm management. We have successfully managed several hectares of cassava, rice, maize and livestock farm in the past for farm/land owners who lack the experience of proper farm care in other to maximize profit and we still have several hectares of farms under our management. What we offer the farm owner ranges from; agrotech, financial advisory, access to ready markets and many more. We also have an investment platform where offer people who do not have financial capability or land needed to go into commercial farming yet the want to make their money work for them (proxy Farming).