Step out of the current building you are in and take a glance around; tell us what you notice. We are confident that you will see a roasted corn (maize) vendor near you, and if there isn’t one nearby, one will be no more than 2 kilometers away. This is because we are in corn season, and roasted corn is a popular food among many people. Some Nigerians prefer it with coconut, while others prefer it with pear. Two pieces of roasted corn and a glass of water will do for lunch and one will be able to return to work without having to spend a lot of money on food because it is quite inexpensive. With all of the economic benefits of roasted corn, the next issue is: is it healthy?

Weight gain is a big problem these days, and because we’re all busy trying to make ends meet, we all prefer to lose weight by “eating healthy” rather than going to the gym. Weight gain is typically induced by consuming more calories than the body requires for physiological function. When fattening foods are ingested in greater quantities than the body requires, the body becomes fat.

As a result, studies show that maize has low calorie content when compared to other foods: “a serving of corn will only account for three to four percent of the total calories required in a day” (1500-2000 calories). Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that roasted corn has fewer calories than other snack options when consumed in moderation, and it is even suggested by nutritionists.

To add to these, corn helps to promote health and it is also a good source of vitamins and minerals and the roasted corn business is not a capital intensive one.

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