H&C Farm2Table

Since COVID-19 pandemic has come to being, it has basically put the world on hold because everyone has been advised to observe all the necessary hygiene and maintain social distancing, the only practical way to observe that is to stay at home. Consequently, this directive given to us by world leaders has a negative impact on the global economy because everything is practically on hold. Only the essential workers like the medical practitioners, food producers, and a few others are going to work.

While we all stay at home, one thing we have in common is the need to eat. Some people were not paid before the lockdown order and others that got their wages/ salaries stocked up for only a few days hence, the need to get more food items. In some parts of the world markets are opened but are close to shutdown in Nigeria, and even in states where the markets are opened; many people are not ready to go out to get food items due to the fear of contracting the virus.

heart and capital

After long thoughts and consideration about how we (H&C team) could help Nigerian citizens get access to quality food items without having to leave their homes especially in this trying time, we came up the H&C FARM2TABLE.

This aim of H&C FARM2TABLE is to bridge the gap between people and access to quality and essential food items. This initiative came into being as a means to contribute our own quota to stop the spread of this pandemic until we all WIN and that is the more reason why all deliveries are free through out the this pandemic. How orders are been placed is easy, interactive not rigid and feedbacks have been great so far.

We started with a few food items such as Yam, Garri, Chicken (live and frozen) Eggs and due to increase in demand and requests for more food items, we added Beef, Fish, Semo, Wheat, vegetable oil, noodles, spaghetti, fruits, perishables like; Bell pepper, Tomatoes, Chili pepper, Scotch Bonnet and Onions.

We started with Kwara state being where our Head office is located but we are currently working on logistics hurdles around getting to more cities across the country.