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About Heart and Capital

Heart and Capital is Nigeria’s Leading Innovative Agricultural Company with a mission of growing and easing agribusiness in Africa. Our vision is to become a publicly traded company that provides global agribusiness solutions.

Our vision is to become a publicly traded company that provides global agribusiness solutions.

 Growing and easing agribusiness.                                                                                                         To be the change catalyst driving sustainability and development in Nigeria and the world at large.

We believe in

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability

We are a leading Agric revolutionary company with a mission of growing and easing agribusiness in Africa.

Founded in 2015 by Umar Adelodun and Abdulquawiy Olododo as a farm enterprise, H&C became a LLC company in 2017 and has since cultivated and managed over a thousand five hundred acres of farmland with several crops like Cashew, Cassava, maize, plantain, rice, etc..

Heart and Capital has also mentored over 8,000 youths on Agribusiness across Nigeria. In 2018, the company put up investment platforms known as  “Asset-Mart” , ”Eterno Project ‘which allows individuals and corporate bodies to key into farming by proxy for profit.

“Cassava Proxy Farm” initiative is a product of the company’s investment platform that allows individuals and corporate bodies to make profit by keying into farming by proxy. The project focus was cassava, which was planted in a fifty hectares of land, with one acre of land being minimum land available for investment. The initiative which lasted for ten months was established as a means for individuals and corporate bodies to diversify their source of income through agriculture, create jobs, support the Federal Government policy direction to reduce the nation’s over reliance on crude oil which is no longer reliable as its price has continued to dwindle over time. At the end of the project, millions of Naira were paid out to the proxy farmers (investors) with 15% return on investment.

We currently have over a thousand five hundred acres of farm land under our management. Through our farm management service, we plan, supervise and analyze all activities on farm from land clearing, cultivation, planting of high yield seeds, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and sale of farm produce at market competitive prices. Some of the farms under our management include,

Kam farms – a 150 hectares of farmland located at Sokoto Village, Ilorin, Kwara state with cashew, cassava and maize cultivated.

H&C Farms– our 72 hectares of farmland located at Ojoku, Oyun local government of Kwara state has rice cultivated in its entirety.

Adenike farms – is on a 55 hectares of land with cashew and plantain cultivated at Egbejila, Ilorin, Kwara state.

AD farms – The farm has cashew, cassava and maize cultivated and sits on 30 hectares of land at Ballah, Ilorin, Kwara state.

When you subscribe to our farm management service, you enjoy mechanized farming with experienced hands, adequate security and ready market to buy your farm produce.

Heart and Capital partners with Kwara State University, Malete on a hands-on program that provides experiential, skills-based education on sustainable farming and also to boost entrepreneurship spirits in the students. The curriculum is designed to cover essential topics, using multiple formats throughout the training period to build the experience and skills. It is a learning experience unlike any other!

About Eterno Project

Eterno team has a combined experience of over 20years in farming,
agribusiness, investments and financial management. Rigorous tests on
the farmland to ascertain the viability of the soil to support this plantation
and it is fully insured by LEADWAY ASSURANCE

YES! The great opportunity here is that everyone eats, CASHEW is a
global product with numerous industrial use, the stock market can crash,
real estate can crash, but people will always need to eat, therefore it is
recession proof, if at all there is inflation, the price will rise which in turns
means your investment will also rise. Eterno provides you with higher
returns compared to the investment of the same required capital and its

NO, Your investment
covers processing and Admin fees

Eterno provides you the avenue to be part of a fully secured
commercial farm plantation that guarantees you available market and
hassle free with professionals ensuring your returns.

What we bring to the table is unique, by bringing liquidity into an asset
classified as illiquid. There is opportunity to sell your investment after
5years if you so wish but not later than 10years, which means you don’t
have to wait for 20years before you can exit. Also, we have sole focus on
our primary and secondary product (CASHEW & PINEAPPLE) that means
we channel all our resources to ensuring your investment is secured, bring
desired returns, and improving the yield of the plantation through
research and development.

Your investment sum covers the lease of the land, clearing, cultivation,
insurance, and management of the farm for the entire gestation period
which is 3 years.

The operational plan will be shared with you from the beginning, and
there will be frequent updates on every operations on the farm at
intervals to keep your mind abreast, you can also request to visit the farm
to see the farm is doing.

Your yearly return is equivalent to 60% of the annual profits of every
year harvest.

Cashew yields more as they grow older till
they get to their peak and start to decline again,
the projections shows the rise as the year goes by
till it becomes consistent.

The projections are based on worst case
scenario and with the yield index insurance, it
even makes it safer, thus your returns could be
higher than the projections.

About Investing Process 

You can begin by signing up or registering on our website to create your own personalized profile, you then select a farm of choice to invest in from the available farm investments or projects. You are then required to invest in the farm, and at the end of the farm cycle stipulated, you will receive a percentage of the profit after the sales of harvest and also your initial investment capital.

For our Return on Investment (ROI) process, you are encouraged to check and confirm your RoI on any interested farm product investment.

Here is a guide! You  would be required to ‘Sign up’  by clicking the ‘Register ‘ button on the top right corner of the page.

You will be directed to a page that requires you to sign up using options that you prefer either through your social media platforms or filling the form. An authentication email will be sent to your personal email address, confirm your email address, and automatically you get an account profile with us .

All important fields must be completed.

Once you select the farm or product you want to invest in, select the number of units you want invest in, check the return on investment (ROI) and click on “place order” button.

You will be directed to another page to “check out” your order and to agree to the terms and conditions stated.

The next screen requires that you select the payment options , you will be required to complete the transaction with your ATM Card which would require you to use your bank token or OTP to complete the transactionor you may choose the bank transfer option .

First you will receive a ‘Notification Email’ within 24hours of confirmation which acknowledges receipt of investment in the farm or product, the location of the farm or product you are investing in, the farm cycle tenure and the end date of your farm cycle as well as other detials would be sent to the email account provided.

On a periodic basis, you will receive farm updates which keeps you abreast of all activities on your farm, from the beginning to the end of the farm cycle.

Updates on our progress with farm activities are sent every month to you. You can also find updates to the farm on your dashboard by clicking on ‘Latest Update’ on your investment.

If you do not get updates, check your spam folder in your inbox, email investment@heartandcapital.com, call or send us a whatsapp message at +2348129624364 and we would get it delivered to your inbox.

Other things we do

When we work with you, you have the benefit of both international and local on-farm management expertise, backed up by years of experience from us and our partnered companies.

Heart & Capital also supplies various Agric inputs across Africa spanning seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. in commercial quantity.

We can complete an analysis on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the most out of your AGRIBUSINESS financially and also consult in setting up your FARM, PROCESSING FACTORIES, etc. and develop strategies for your AGRIBUSINESS.

We understand the unique needs of our customers and use our vast local and international network to ensure that you always get exactly what you are looking for.

Our AGRIBUSINESS Human Capacity Development program is aimed at partnering with different institutions, NGO’s and other bodies with outreach to youths. It is a hands-on program that provides experiential, skills-based education in sustainable farming and also boost the entrepreneurship spirits in the youths.

Our food processing mill is readily available for use every day of the year.

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