On the 24th of February, 2020, Heart and Capital Nigeria Limited launched her new Eterno Project which was tagged #ProjectEterno where you get to own a cashew farm without owning a farm land (cashew proxy farming). It was launched with a press conference where the project was reviewed by the President and Co-founder Abdulquawiy Olododo. He said “this project beats any kind of investment out there and urged cooperate individuals, firms, students to make use of this opportunity to secure what will bring them income yearly for the next 20 years”.

He also laid emphasis on the affordable price per unit (N10,000) and what it is clearly used for; which includes the land clearing, cultivation, security, farm maintenance and insurance (which is of two types, the yield index insurance that secures your tree(s) against drop in yield and the indemnity insurance that insures your tree(s) against natural disaster). He also went further to explain the social benefits that comes with Eterno Project;

• Over a million tons of carbon will be mitigated from the atmosphere.
• Ensure food security.
• Sponsor sensitization program for rural people on climate change.
• Create approximately 1500 jobs.
• Contribute to a sustainable future.

It is worthy of note to understand that this Eterno Project is a simple way of securing the future financially because of the yearly increase in the inflation rate on Naira. Aside that, if you decide to put your money in the bank, it is no news that no interest will be added to it rather it will keep decreasing because of numerous bank charges that will be placed on it. The President also shed more light on why you should buy into the project rather than buying shares, bonds, treasury bills or fixed deposit. He said “buying any of those will not offer the type of return on investment this project offers and that this is even a onetime payment”.

heart and capital

Just before the end of the press conference, the Brand Ambassador Adedimeji Lateef said “when he was contacted he saw it as another way of making money aside his acting job and made it known to the public that he will invest and can decide to keep the returns in his wallet for a long time and just follow it up as it was projected. He announced that he will be the brand ambassador for this one and promise to make it known to a lot of people so they can secure their future via this project and contribute their quota to the society”.